i just want a boy to like me

no not that one

Since when do you need a subscription to watch the news live?

Too many mutha-uckers ucking with my shit

you know, i used to knock 20th century classical music as ‘less-than-music’. i never understood why someone would like listening to it other than as appreciation for the mathematical structures behind the music and the difficulty in performing such works. but i realized something: it is incredibly numbing. during one of the lowest points in my emotional life, i found myself listening to schoenberg and ives and weber and all those guys. and it completely numbed me to listen to it. i forgot about everything in my life that sucked and all of the nonsense. so i thought maybe thats why these composers wrote meticulous music that isnt quite so pleasant to the ear. maybe it numbed them to the pain in their lives.

or maybe not. maybe they just liked it and said fuck you to anyone who disagreed.

Flaky men: why do you exist?

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Venice, Italy

Ah it looks so beautiful!


Venice, Italy

Ah it looks so beautiful!

Track Title: No One's Gonna Love You

Artist: Band of Horses

Album: Cease to Begin

That moment when the Apple TV turns on by itself and starts playing an eclectic radio station. I’m a bit weirded out right now

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